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White IPA

Our White IPA is big on citrus and fruity hop flavours and low on bitterness. We piled American hops on top of a bready malt base made of 50% wheat malt, lending this beer its distinctive hazy appearance. At 5% abv and only 30 IBU, this beer is citrusy and refreshing – a real crowd pleaser.

Session Ale

Want a big flavourful beer, but seek a lower alcohol punch? We bring you the perfect Session Ale. Pilsner base malt with a touch of honey and caramel malt set the stage upon which Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic hops strut their stuff. At 4.5% ABV and a modest 40 IBU, every sip will tantalize your taste buds!

Red Ale

This beer is all about balance. Inspired by a recipe perfected over years of homebrewing- The Red Ale is bolstered by a generous measure of classic American hops paired perfectly with a stern dose of caramel malt, creating a deep red 37 IBU beer that is reliably enjoyable no matter the occasion. Flavourful yet approachable, the first pint is as satisfying as the last!

Cranberry Kettle Sour

One of the great things about craft beer is that it takes the beer drinking public to new and exciting places. Our Cranberry Kettle Sour is a beer that will open a new world of flavours to both craft beer neophytes and the seasoned connoisseur alike. Kettle soured over the course of two days, we then add over 60kg of all natural cranberries. At 4% ABV and with a soft pinkish hue, this little beer is packed with delightfully tart and refreshing flavour!

Scarth Street Ale

This is our easiest drinking beer. It’s name honours our roots in downtown Regina located right on Scarth St. With a sweet, almost honey-like malt backbone and mild bitterness, this clear, clean and dry finishing beer will appeal to all beer drinkers. ABV 5%

….and many more specialty and one-off creations.  Watch our social media for up-to-the-minute beer news!