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A perfect summer treat. This lightly hopped, easy drinking ale is clean and refreshing. The subtle citrusy and earthy hop aromas give way to a balancing malt flavour that has a surprisingly satisfying mouth feel for such a light beer. The balancing bitterness in the crisp finish is hardly noticeable at just 15 IBU. And at just 4.2% ABV, this is a great patio sipper for our hot summer days.

Extra Special Bitter

Pile O’ Bones Extra Special Bitter is a traditional British Ale made for the prairies.  This is an easy drinking ale that balances its caramel malt flavour with a firm bitter backbone.  Traditional English ale yeasts create subtle fruity esters that add complexity to the aroma and flavour profile of the ESB during fermentation.   5.2%

Core Beers:

Scarth St. Ale

This is our easiest drinking beer. It’s name honours our roots in downtown Regina located right on Scarth St. With a sweet, almost honey-like malt backbone and mild bitterness, this clear, clean and dry finishing beer will appeal to all beer drinkers. ABV 5%

White IPA

This is a wonderfully hazy wheat beer with a big juicy American citrus and piney hop profile and character and a slight bitterness in the finish. An ABV of 5.5%

Chocolate Stout

This a rich, flavourful stout that’s a cross between an American stout and an Irish stout. A medium bodied beer with just the right amount of chocolate. Great on a cold winter night or pair it with s’mores around the campfire in the summer. ABV of 5.2%

Pale Ale

This is a good entry level craft brew for macro beer drinkers that should appeal to most craft beer aficionados too! Malt sweetness upfront accompanies a moderate hop bitterness in the dry finish. American hops are present but subtle, with a piney and spicy note on the nose. Spice and graininess come through on the palette reminiscent of a pilsner. ABV is 5%

Red Ale

We took our Red IPA recipe, upped the caramel malt character a touch and backed off on the hops all while retaining some of the finishing bitterness for balance. This is dark red coloured amber ale that should appeal to those of  you who like flavourful beer with some complexity. Have it with your favourite pizza, wings or even dessert. ABV 5%

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