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POB  Originals

White IPA

Our White IPA is big on citrus and fruity hop flavours and low on bitterness. We piled American Hops on top of a bready malt base made of 50% wheat malt. Lending this beer its distinctive hazy appearance – A real crowd pleaser.

5% ABV  30 IBU


Scarth St. Blonde uses a generous amount of prairie grown pilsner malt to develop it's refreshingly crisp craft beer character.


5% ABV  26 IBU


This Red Ale is bolstered by a generous measure of classic American Hops paired perfectly with a stern dose of
Caramel Malt.

5% ABV  37 IBU

space cadet

This well balanced IPA has the “right stuff” to get you to the moon and back. 

Space Cadet IPA has a smooth but firm bitterness without bite. Late kettle additions and a dry hop of Centennial 

and Simcoe lend aromas of grapefruit, pine and subtle fruitiness.

6.5% ABV  50 IBU

POB  specialties

americano stout

Brewed with freshly roasted coffee from Regina's own Caliber Coffee Roasters, this intense American Style Stout has everything you're looking for in your morning Americano. Rich aromatics of Coffee, the taste of bittersweet chocolate and citrusy American hops.

6.5% ABV  65 IBU

Blood Orange Blonde

These days craft brewers use hops to mimic all sorts of fruit flavors in beer, but sometimes, you just need the real thing.
A beautifully crisp blonde ale with real blood orange added to take the
citrus flavor to new heights.

5% ABV
Razzberry Porter

Dark, semi sweet with strong flavors of chocolate and raspberry! Pile O’ Bones Razzberry Porter will make you agree with us that fruit does belong in dark beer!

6.5% ABV

Double white ipa

8% ABV

black ipa

Piney, citrus and herbal. A healthy addition of malted rye gives this a subtle spicy finish. The dark colored malts add a twist to your typical IPA malt bill, without being overly roasty.

6.5% ABV

hibiscus lime gose

This is a beer well suited for the heat of our prairie summer. Tropical berry flavour with a bold pink colour from the petals
of that beautiful Hibiscus flower. A sharp and fresh scent of lime compliments
this salty style to create a tangy glass
of total summer.

4.5% ABV

Raspberry Wheat Ale

The trademark fruit of a prairie summer, red raspberries, lend a deep ruby hue to this refreshing wheat beer. Don't let the fruit fool you, there is a delicious citra hop flavor that we think marries with the raspberry tartness to create the perfect summer sipper.

5% ABV
English Dark Mild

English Dark Mild, the original session beer coming in at 3.5% and 16 IBU. Toasted malt character and  dark fruit aroma, as this beer warms you may notice toffee, raisin and caramel notes.

3.5% ABV

prairie pilsner

This bright yellow lager uses 100% Saskatchewan ingredients, including Maker's Malt prairie grown malted barley and JGL ShepHerd Farms prairie grown hops. This crisp pilsner is brilliantly clear with a dry-cracker malt character, peppery hop notes and a hint of pear.

5% ABV

face melter

This dry-hopped kettle sour will quite literally (not really) melt your face with a bold sour flavour that is ripe with notes of peaches, mango, and pineapple. Very dry and very refreshing. Juicy tropical fruits (pineapple, mango), stone fruits, candy, and orange tangerine.

4.5% ABV

coconut porter

We used our fancy Hop Egg to steep this beer in copious amounts of flaked toasted coconut creating a nice nutty profile in this light and slightly creamy porter. It is a
far cry from a Pina Colada, but damn it,
it hits the spot!

6% ABV

Scotch Ale

Dark Beer! Malty, rich and packed with caramel notes. Scotch Ale spends a longer time in the brewing kettle allowing ‘kettle caramelization”. When this happens we are rewarded with a full-bodied and robust ale.  

8% ABV

Cosmic Celebration IPA

Take in the stars and celebrate with us while enjoying this Hazy IPA. Loads of oats and wheat lend a silky smooth mouthfeel. Expect heavenly tropical aromas of mango, papaya, and pineapple.
Hazy and Juicy! 

6% ABV

vienna lager

A relatively mild European-style that is malt forward and a bit toasty. The malt is kept in check by a low-level bitterness and subtle hop character making for an easy drinking beer. This lager is restrained enough for the casual lager drinker but flavourful enough to appeal the craft
beer aficionado.

5.4% ABV

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